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A stranger exasperated by the Skopje zoo recommends not to visit because it is dangerous for health and life

I was here yesterday! Poor hygiene, poor ambient, and most importantly is that, door where cow is systemated is very dangerous, because of electricity risk!
I puted my hand spontaneously in that door, it was very shock moment when high electrical power shocked my body, for 10 or 15 minutes I wasn’t feeling my hand, now my hand have scars in different places! Soo be careful people, don’t visit this place anymore, it’s risky for your life and for your healthy!
This is the most appalling zoo I have ever come across. The poor animals need to be rescued by @PETA immediately! The enclosures are tiny and in filthy conditions. There was rubbish EVERYWHERE, all through the enclosures, in their drinking water, we even saw a Hippopotamus EATING PLASTIC BOTTLES!!! It was just heartbreaking to watch.
The bears are in tiny round enclosures with no shelter burning in the hot sun with, again, filthy water that was not drinkable and rubbish scattered throughout, acting stressed just walking around and around in circles.

The monkeys, some in small plastic box like enclosures, were huddled together in groups looking depressed. The water in the marine animal tanks was so filthy we literally couldn’t even see them through the water. We love animals and wanted to see what kind of conditions they were in in this zoo but it shocked us on a whole new level. We took photos to share of the appalling conditions, and left feeling grim and really quite depressed. This zoo should be closed down and the animals need to be saved and sent elsewhere where they have the means to actually give them the care and space they deserve after already being kidnapped from the wild.